Terms and Conditions

  1. Opening hours and days of service
    1. Darling Buds Nursery will be open from 7.45am – 18.00pm, Monday to Friday.
    2. The Nursery is closed on all UK Bank Holidays please note fees are still payable as per your contract.
    3. In cases of emergency or extreme weather conditions where we are forced to close i.e. fire or snow we will endeavour to contact parents directly, by putting a notice on our facebook page or a notice on the nursery doors.
  2. Registration Fees and Payments
    1. To secure your place at Darling Buds Nursery we require a non refundable deposit of one weeks fee’s in advance. This will be deducted from your first months fee’s.
    2. Fee’s are specified in the nursery brochure and any increases will be made annually on 1st April and parents will be notified in advance.
    3. Fee’s are to be paid in advance – due on the on the 1st of each month.
    4. Fee’s must be paid during holidays, including all bank holidays, absence due to Sickness and unavoidable nursery closure.
    5. Late payment or non-payment of fee’s may result in your child being refused entry into nursery and/or court action being taken against you to recover the balance until any outstanding fee’s are cleared.
    6. Nursery fee’s that are not paid on time will incur a late fee charge of £5.00 plus a further 8% per day for each day thereafter.
    7. All discounts including sibling discounts are applied to core childcare only and excludes funded places, breakfast, afterschool and holiday clubs.
    8. All extra sessions must be paid for at the time of booking. No refunds are given if your child does not attend the booked session.
    9. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice in order to swap a session. Please note this is subject to availability.
    10. Upon termination of your contract for any reason, all outstanding unpaid invoices must be paid immediately in full.
  3. Late Collections
    1. Nursery closes at 18.00pm late collections may result in you being charged.
    2. In the event that a child is not collected, we will attempt to contact your child’s emergency contact persons nominated in your registration form. In the unlikely event that we have not been able to contact anyone on your list by 7pm we will contact ‘out of hours’ social services department and take their advice.
  4. Accidents and Illnesses
    1. The nursery reserves the right to administer first aid and any emergency treatment as required. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be asked to sign an Accident Form upon collection of your child.
    2. If emergency treatment at hospital is required the nursery will make all reasonable attempts to contact parents. If this is not possible prior authorisation is gained during registration to act on behalf of the parents in order to arrange emergency treatment.
    3. If your child becomes ill at nursery we will telephone you for you to come and collect them.
    4. If your child has sickness, diarrhoea, an infectious illness or an unexplained rash, they will not be allowed to attend nursery until they are well. Please refer to your sickness and illness policy in the parent handbook for incubation and exclusion periods.
    5. If your child has an accident at home you are required to inform a member of staff within your child’s group upon arrival, so that the necessary forms can be filled out and signed.
  5. Medicines
    1. Medicines will not be administered unless a medicine form is completed and signed by the parent/carer on each day that the medicine is needed.
    2. If the medicine is a prescribed medicine it must be specifically prescribed for your child and in the original container.
    3. All medicines must be in date.
    4. Teething gel is a medicine and must therefore be signed for.
    5. Non prescribed medicines such as Calpol will only be administered for three days. After this time we recommend medical attention be sought.
    6. Please refer to our medication policy for any specialised medication.
  6. Babies
    1. Formula milk is provided by the nursery for children up to the age of 1. Any prescribed formula will need to be provided by the parents. Parents need to supply clean sterilised bottles daily.
    2. Nappies, wet wipes/water wipes and sudocream is provided by the nursery until your child is potty trained.
    3. We assist and support you with weaning your child and will puree and mash foods as appropriate. You can discuss this with your child’s keyworker as required.
  7. Meals
    1. Homemade food and freshly prepared snacks are provided by the nursery and prepared on site each day.
    2. We provide meals to cater for both dietary requirements and allergies as specified by you.
    3. Milk and water are provided
  8. Security
    1. New staff and students are not permitted to operate the main doors.
    2. You are required to inform a member of staff if your child is to be collected by someone other than yourself.
    3. We will NOT release your child to any person not know by us or without prior notification. We will refuse to let your child leave until we can contact you the parent to verify collection.
    4. All visitors are not permitted to enter the nursery without suitable identification.
    5. All visitors are required to sign our visitors book upon entering and leaving the building.
  9. Change of Details
    1. It is important that you maintain and update your personal details listed below via the parent portal so that we can contact you in an emergency.
      • Any change of address and telephone numbers
      • Any new work details
      • Any changes to your child’s emergency contact details
      • Any changes to your child’s doctor’s details
      • If your child has contact with any health care professionals i.e. speech therapists, social workers etc.
  10. Terminating your child’s contract
    1. To terminate your child’s contract the nursery requires 4 weeks notice in writing or one months payment in lieu.
    2. The nursery reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect in the case of non payment of fee’s.
  11. Policies and Procedures
    1. Upon registering your child you will receive a selection of nursery policies and procedures. A full brochure is available in the office. You are welcome to request a copy or view these at any time.
    2. I have read and agree to the guidelines and policies listed below that are set by Darling Buds Nursery Limited:
      • Admission Policy
      • Equal Opportunities Policy
      • Complaints Policy
      • Behavioural Policy
      • Behaviour Management Policy
      • Working In Partnership With Parents
      • Special Needs Policy
      • Maintaining Records On Children (refer to statement on parental responsibility)
      • Sickness Policy
      • Medication Policy
      • Child Protection Policy
  12. Children’s Belongings
    1. Please clearly label your child’s belongings. (We have order forms available to purchase labels if you so wish)
    2. You will need to provide your child with spare clothes (two sets for babies). Even if your child is potty trained they will occasionally get wet or dirty during messy activities.
    3. We ask that you bring to nursery anything you think your child will need for the day i.e. a dummy, bottle, comforter etc.
    4. Please provide suitable clothing for the weather i.e. hats and lighter clothing for the warmer weather and warm coats, hats, scarfs and wellies during the cold weather. We provide children with a range of learning opportunities and we encourage the children to play outside even when it’s wet.
    5. Darling Buds Nursery Limited is not liable for any loss or damage to parent/carers or child’s property or belongings. Every reasonable effort will be made by the nursery staff to ensure that any property or belongings do not get damaged.
  13. Complaints
    1. I understand that should I not be satisfied with the outcome of a complaint made by myself to the management of Darling Buds Nursery Limited, that I am able to contact CIW at:

      Mid & South Wales
      Rhud Y Car
      Merthyr Tydfil
      CF48 1UZ

      Tel: 03000 628888
      Fax: 03000 628548
      Email: ciw.merthyr@gov.wales

  14. Agreement
    1. These Terms and Conditions along with your contract and policies and procedures represent the agreement and understanding between you the parent/carer and the nursery. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

      I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and understand that by signing the attached contract I agree to them.