At Darling Buds, we believe it is essential to provide children with positive healthy eating experiences in order to promote their wellbeing. We also understand how difficult mealtimes can be so our highly experienced staff take extra time to encourage children to look at the long-term benefits of a healthy and balanced diet.Each and every meal and snack is prepared daily using only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. We have a fully qualified chef to prepare the meals.

We also offer alternative meal options – from religious and cultural to allergies, intolerances and sensitivities – in order to meet each and every dietary requirement, so please do get in touch or speak to a member of staff to discuss any specific needs your child may have.

Darling Buds provide a three-week menu to ensure plenty of variety. This includes breakfast, lunch and tea, along with plenty of healthy snacks. Formula milk and fresh baby puree are prepared in a dedicated kitchen in the under two years area.

Mealtimes provide an ideal opportunity for learning and our dedicated nursery staff will sit with the children during these times to encourage table manners and to develop each child’s social skills (which include sharing and turn-taking). Meal and snack times are also encouraged to be social occasions in which children and staff participate in small groups.

At Darling Buds, we do not use any processed foods, each meal is prepared fresh daily with the most nutritious and seasonal ingredients.

We offer the children at Darling Buds a balance and variety of snacks to provide a range of cultural and nutritious experiences for the children.

We currently hold The Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award for pre-school settings.

We have fresh drinking water and cups available for the children at all times. Water is frequently offered to children and babies and intake is monitored. In hot weather children are encouraged to drink more water to keep hydrated.

We have been awarded a 5 (very good) from the Food Standards Agency.

We had our Food Standards Inspection at the end of November and have maintained the level 5 grading for the third year.