Children’s Learning & Development


Early years education provides your child with the foundation for learning crucial values and attitudes, and our highly qualified staff have vast experience in stimulating and encouraging children in these vitally important early years of development.We follow the Birth to Three Matters framework which supports the learning of children under three years of age with its attention focused completely on the child. Steering clear of specific curriculum headings, it bears in mind the skills that babies and young children are developing, and the environment that should be provided for them to achieve such skills.

The framework focuses on four main areas of learning and development:

  • A strong child
  • A healthy child
  • A competent learner
  • A skillful communicator

The purpose of the framework is to work in partnership with the parents or carers of the child to ensure that young children are valued and celebrated, that they are seen as competent learners, and learn through a safe and stimulating environment with confident and trusting adults.

The Foundation Phase curriculum is planned as a progressive framework to meet the diverse needs of all children through play – from those who are at an earlier stage of development to those who are more able. It focuses on seven statutory areas of learning:

  • Personal & Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
  • Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
  • Mathematical Development
  • Welsh Language Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development

The Foundation Phase is based on the principle that day nurseries offer a strong foundation for future learning and achievement through a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which is in accordance with each child’s particular needs and interests.


At Darling Buds, children learn through child-initiated and adult-led activities, and will have the opportunity to experience a range of fun and engaging activities that include:

  • Name Recognition
  • Colours, Shapes, Letters & Numbers
  • Story Time
  • Singing
  • Creative Activities
  • Pencil & Scissor control
  • Outdoor Garden Games
  • Dance & Movement
  • Organised outings around bay and local park

As part of their learning and development, children at Darling Buds have an opportunity to participate in a range of local outings, including walks and visits off the premises. Outings and visits are planned to enhance and complement the learning opportunities inside the nursery environment and extend play opportunities for children.

We also provide plenty of learning opportunities through spontaneous play, which includes activities such as:

  • Sand & Water
  • Role Play
  • Art & Crafts
  • Small World
  • Mark Making

In addition, we offer children the opportunity to partake in dedicated activities carried out in Welsh, and also welcome a highly experienced children’s dance teacher on a weekly basis, who provides a fun and engaging opportunity for little ones to learn and develop through the medium of dance.

At Darling Buds, we also encourage little ones to make independent decisions (such as, where they would like to play, what they would like to play with and who they would like to play with), and encourage each child to develop new skills, discover new things about themselves and the world around them, and learn to effectively communicate with others.

Without play, children cannot realise their full potential, and for this reason we also provide oodles of opportunities for children to use their imagination and be creative.

We strive to provide a happy and secure environment for every child in our care. Each activity is carefully planned to help your child (or children) further his or her social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual development – and gain self-confidence, independence, self-discipline and a positive self-image.